As a job board or recruiting agency, you want to make sure that your customers can see which candidates and applications came from your platform.

The cleanest way to achieve this is usually by filling a special “source” field in the ATS with the name of your platform. We call this “application attribution”.

Systems almost universally support some form of application attribution, but the exact implementation can vary. We’ve unified the application attribution process across all supported integrations.

Automatic attribution

When using automatic application attribution, sources are automatically attached to each application created through our API.

You can enable the feature in the configuration section on the dashboard.

Setup requirements

Some ATS integrations require additional setup to enable automatic application attribution. When this feature is enabled, we will prompt users to complete the setup process with customized flows for each ATS.

On the end-user side, the setup process is usually a matter of going into the ATS’s settings and setting up a new source (some ATSs also call this differently). Let’s look at Personio as an example:

After we’ve verified the credentials in the connection flow, we will prompt the user to set up application attribution. In the case of Personio, the user needs to create a so-called “recruiting channel” and then paste its ID.

What the setup process looks like for Personio.

Once the setup is complete, we will validate the configuration and attach the source to all candidates created for that integration.

Manual attribution

It is also possible to manually attribute applications by passing the source parameter when creating a candidate or application. Please note that this approach will only work for ATSs that allow passing a raw source string. For others, where some setup work is required, automatic attribution must be used.


The manual attribution is marked as deprecated. Can I still use it?

Yes, you can. We’ve marked it as deprecated because it’s not supported by all ATSs. We recommend using automatic attribution as most use cases just require a single source.

If I already use automatic attribution, can I still pass a source manually?

Yes, you can. If you pass a source manually, it will override the automatic attribution. Note that it will only be overwritten if manual source writing is supported by the ATS.

What happens if I already use automatic attribution and change the source label in the settings?

For integrations that support setting up the source via API, we will create a new source and use it for all new applications. For integrations that require manual setup, we will continue using the old source. It can be updated with the relink feature.

What happens if I try to specify a source manually but the ATS doesn’t support it?

The request will go through but no source will be attached to the application.