As a job board or recruiting agency, tracking your candidate’s application status is crucial. At Kombo, we offer a streamlined solution for application status tracking and compliant, efficient data synchronization across all supported integrations.

Outcome detection

Kombo’s outcome detection categorizes the application based on your customer’s hiring decision. Our system lets you stay informed about each of your submitted candidates, allowing you to track the candidates you submitted more accurately in your customer’s system.

This is especially useful, because most ATS systems expose the application outcome in no unified way (stages, booleans, dates, statuses, etc.). Kombo abstracts away this complexity and offers a unified outcome for every application.

Syncing only created candidates

To reduce the amount of data that needs to be synchronized, Kombo keeps track of candidates created by your integration. By default, this feature is enabled for all recruiting customers of Kombo. Reach out to us if you want to turn it off. This is not only a reduction in data and computation for you but also improves compliance because not all the application data is synchronized.