Welcome to the Kombo docs! You’ve come to the right place to learn more about how Kombo can help you build integrations faster and more reliably.

What is Kombo?

Kombo offers unified APIs for HR Tech. We allow our customers to build a single integration to Kombo and instantly launch all the HRIS and ATS integrations in Kombo’s ever-growing portfolio to their customers.

We do this by standardizing the data models exposed by the integrations we support and allowing you to interact with them using a set of clearly defined endpoints.

This way, reading employees from an enterprise HR solution like SAP SuccessFactors will look the same as reading employees from a more SMB-focused tool like Personio. It’s the same set of data models and fields you can rely on.

Unified APIs

We offer a separate unified interface per category of software we support. Click on one of the tiles below to learn more about the data models and write actions we offer for each one.

Further resources

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