The Passthrough API is designed to bridge the gap between our unified API and integration-specific requirements you may have. It allows you to interact directly with the native APIs of specific integrations, enabling deep customization and tailored functionality for individual customers.

Solve Your Integration Challenges

Solving the problem of integrating complex systems, the Passthrough API streamlines the process of addressing unique integration scenarios. It eliminates the limitations of a one-size-fits-all approach by providing a flexible solution that caters to your needs.

Who Should Use It?

The Passthrough API is ideal for customers who:

  • Seek integration-specific features: The Passthrough API allows you to extend and modify integration behaviors when your integration demands go beyond standard functionality.
  • Encounter edge cases: For exceptional or uncommon scenarios where the unified API falls short, the Passthrough API is your gateway to handle advanced integration use cases.

How to Leverage Its Power

Utilizing the Passthrough API is a breeze:

  1. Authentication: Simply authenticate any passthrough call with Kombo-API-Keys. We handle the tool-specific authentication.
  2. Choose Your Integration: Identify the integration you want to interact with and select the corresponding API identifier from this table.
  3. Craft Your Request: Build your request by specifying the HTTP method, defining the endpoint path, including any required headers, providing query parameters, and submitting data.
  4. Advanced Customization: Take advantage of advanced customization options with the api_options parameter.

Find out more about this feature here, or contact our support to guide you through the Passthrough API and help you unlock the full potential of integration customization. Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance.