Kombo prioritizes privacy and security by cleaning up any data that is no longer used. We do that by following the deletion policies below. Kombo will not store any sensitive data for longer than needed.

Integration Data

Case: an entry is not found anymore

When Kombo can’t find an entry during a sync, we will mark it with remote_deleted_at and delete the entry after 14 days.

Case: an integration has been deleted

Kombo will delete all the data of an integration 14 days after the integration was deleted via API or UI.

Case: scope config changed

Field is turned off: While running the next sync, Kombo will overwrite the turned-off field for all entries with the value null.

Model is turned off: When a model gets turned off, Kombo will mark all entries with remote_deleted_at and delete the entries after 14 days.


Kombo will delete statistics about syncs and write actions after 60 days.

On all plans but the enterprise plan, Kombo will delete request data in the logs, including the request and the response after 7 days.