When you are already a partner with some of the tools that we are integrating, Kombo allows you to bring your own credentials and settings to get the most out of the partnership.

Partner credentials and options can, for example, be the OAuth master-level credentials that are used to issue access tokens and initialize OAuth flows. That will allow you to show your logo and name in the OAuth flow instead of Kombo’s.

Default Credentials

For most integrations, Kombo provides a set of default credentials and settings so that you don’t need to get a partnership with every tool you want to integrate.

Setting Credentials

If you are changing credentials, you must be careful not to break the integration. Common mistakes are a mismatch in the redirect URL or insufficient scopes. We recommend testing the new credentials in your dev environment and contacting Kombo if there are unclarities or issues.

Changing credentials is easy and can be done on the tool settings page for all the tools that support this feature. We are always improving the support for custom partner credentials. If you are missing this for a tool, please reach out to us.

Changing credentials is a non-destructive operation for existing integrations because we continue to use the old credentials for existing integrations. You must use the re-link feature to upgrade existing integrations to the new credentials.