Sometimes customers change integration authentication details, API keys expire, or other integration setup details are changed and Kombo can no longer authenticate with an integration that was previously connected.

After 3 consecutive days of failing authentication (during the initial authentication check of a synchronization), Kombo will pause the sync of an integration until the integration is reconnected. In this case, the customer will need to be prompted to reconnect for the integration to function again.

Methods of reconnecting

Open up Kombo dashboard and navigate to any integration that you want to reconnect. Navigate to “Relink integration” and create an update link. You can send this to your customer to update the credentials of the integration. Once they have re-connected successfully, the sync will start running again.

  1. Using the integration details endpoint, check whether an integration has a status of INVALID.

  2. Create a reconnection link with our reconnection link endpoint. Use this link in the same as during the Kombo Connect embedded flow.

  3. Once the customer has updated their credentials and reconnected successfully, the sync will start running again.