Real-time sync

How Kombo keeps integration data up-to-date without sacrificing API reliability and performance.

The problem

If you've ever built an integration with a more legacy or enterprise system, you'll know the struggles you have to go through to perform even the simplest of reads:

Information about a single concept (e.g., an employee) is spread across five different endpoints, requests sometimes take minutes to finish, and unreliable servers force you to implement complex retry logic.

We were faced with a choice: Either we expose these same problems to our customers, resulting in slow and unreliable endpoints, or we come up with a solution — we decided to go with the latter.

The solution

We're now mirroring the data in the source systems into a database at regular intervals (and when you manually trigger a sync). When you call our API, we will simply read from this database, resulting in endpoints that always respond reliably and quickly.

Through our syncing approach, we can also provide webhooks for systems that don't provide webhooks themselves.


Note that syncs adhere to your scope config, so if there are sensitive data points you're not using, then those will not end up in our database.