Use Case

Request logs help you be compliant with the data that Kombo processes. You can see every request that Kombo is making. It also lets you understand which endpoints are causing problems (like 403 errors) on missing permissions.

Seeing the logs

You can see the logs under Logs in the Dashboard. Records are specific for each environment, so select the right environment. Kombo offers you to query logs with the provided search, which filters on all properties of the request so you can either search for specific status codes, URLs, Integration Ids, and Methods. By separating your keywords with a space, you can search based on multiple attributes.



Kombo stores the logs for only seven days and shows only the last 24 hours / the previous 20k entries of records in the dashboard. If you would like Kombo to store logs for longer or get access to the logs in an automated way, please get in touch.