Kombo offers a unified API for HR solutions. We allow our customers to build a single integration to Kombo and instantly launch all the HRIS and Directory integrations in Kombo’s ever-growing portfolio to their customers.

We do this by standardizing the data models exposed by the integrations we support and allowing you to interact with them using a set of clearly defined endpoints.

This way, reading employee data from an enterprise HRIS solution like SAP SuccessFactors will look the same as reading employees from a more SMB-focused tool like Personio. It’s the same set of data models and fields you can rely on.

This means that you can implement the logic for your integration only one single time and offer over 50 HRIS integrations to your customers (and add new ones) without adding one more line of code for a new tool.

The integration can be divided into these three steps, which we will cover in detail later on